Halcyon Graphics started as a project in january 2018 by Reita. It was originally supposed to be an icon database for Reita's creative side but ended up exploding into a blog with other resources. The website has been started on a free server but Reita hopes to move it to it's own domain soon based on its's popularity. The site currently focuses on anime and manga but also revolves around otaku and japanese culture.


Reita has been doing graphic & web design since 2004. She is currently 25 years old and works in healthcare. Her interests usually range between anime and otaku culture. She also adores music and listens mostly to heavy rock and jrock/kpop. Her favorite things include : the color gray, Nudibranches, anything related to the ocean, Bring me the Horizon, Naruto, Blue Exorcist, Clannad, Full Metal Alchemist, Madara, Studio ghibli.


01. Please make sure you give credit & leave credit intact where possible when using resources.

02. Please save resources to your own computer instead of copying the URL.

03. Be appropriate on the chat box or you will be banned.

04. Halcyon holds the right to ban anyone for an reason (but we hope we never have to).


A special thank you to the many sources that helped piece Halcyon Graphics together. Please visit the links in the navigation to the left to see all of our wonderful contributions! As a disclaimer we do not claim to own any of the code snippets that went into the make up of this website. We also do not claim to own any of the anime's, apps, or any of the content posted other than what was typed out by the website's owner. The graphics we offer are composed of multiple pictures and textures used and combined that were found all over the internet. Credits are placed where possible and applicable.

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