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SEND HELP 06.15.2018

Hey guys, it's your overly obnoxious continuously layout changing friend Reita! So i've been getting called off work (patient count is low) lot so i've been spending alot of time on Halcyon fixing little bugs here and there. I've also added a few graphics in my spare time which include :

+ 3 NEW icons
+ 2 NEW Premade Layout

I've decided to go back to school though! That's kinda where the title comes from. I'm so tired from trying to get all my ducks in a row (between being a mom, cleaning and cooking, working, school and ofcourse designing new content) I'm currently working on getting my bachelors in nursing and my goalis to become a nurse practitioner. Maybe then i'll finally have enough money to pay for a real domain lol. Anyway don't worry I don't plan on disappearing. I still consider this a hobby and i'll still probably come design stuff on my days off. I really only post abouto nce a month, but i'm always on adding new graphics even if I don't announce them, so even if you don't see a new post that doesn't mean there isn't new content or that i'm not active on the chat box. Thanks for following Halcyon guys! (By the way if you listen to the radio, i'm adding some new music!)