Welcome to Halcyon Graphics, your #1 source for online anime graphics. We offer icons for blog / forum / social media use. We also make pre-made website layouts, wallpapers for your phone, & facebook covers. All that we ask is that you give credit where applicable, and that you save all graphics & upload them to your own server to save our bandwidth (since we are currently operating on a free and limited domain).

We also ask that you read our "TERMS OF USE" before continuing on the site and especially the chatbox. You can use the navigation above to access all free resources, and for more links / content / information, you can read below. Reita currently no longer runs a blog (a vlog might happen in the future), but is usually online atleast once daily (and tries to upload new graphics atleast weekly), so feel free to leave a comment on our chat box below!


Halcyon Graphics is owned & operated by Reita (a 25 year old nursing student & otaku) and was opened up in the summer of 2018. We are currently running on a free domain, but we hope to move to our own domain soon. You can donate to help us out by clicking here. Your donation helps towards this goal as well as helping buy resources for designing. Currently we do not take requests but that is subject to change upon notice at any time. If you need to contact us you can click here, or use the little email icon at the top right corner of the screen. You are currently viewing version. 4 of Halcyon Graphics. This layout was made with a template from vizune, while the images were designed by Reita. To view all of our credits, please click here.