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Hey guys, welcome back to Halcyon! So today I want to take a break from my usual lighthearted posts and talk about something a little more serious - designer abuse. I'll get to that, but before my rant let's see a little list of a couple things i've added over the last few days :

+ 8 NEW icons
+ 1 NEW premade layout
+ 1 NEW Wallpaper

Please remember that even though I only post monthly, I do constantly add new graphics so even though there may not be a new post, you can always still find new avatars, layouts etc if you explore the site. Now onto what i's like to discuss.

So I want to talk about the abuse of freelance graphic designers such as myself, which I believe is a VERY real thing. First let me define what I mean by "freelance designer".
A freelance designer is usually somebody without graphic design school who has self taught and usually does it as side projects, or hobbies such as myself.
The problem with this is that people tend to take advantage. I think alot of us who design frequently love all of our followers and viewers. I personally love when people like and wish to use my content (so long as it's credited ofcourse). The problem here is that people sometimes go overboard and start pumping out requests. Alot of designers like being interactive with their guests and like making their guests happy, however sometimes this can get out of hand really quick. Somehow the designer goes from designing what they want when they want to being expected to design certain things in a timely manner. This can be really stressful, especially if it's constant. Alot of the times I personally am inspired by art that I find and imagine a design with it. When other people hand me art, I find it a little more difficult to design my style on something I didn't pick. What's even worse is when you try to politely explain that you aren't taking requests or just simply stating that it's not a project you are interested in or would like to take on. It's very hard for us to say no in a way that doesn't come off rude. Alot of fans can get disheartened by this and some even get upset or almost aggressive and may even resort to bullying.

This is where the abuse comes into play. If you are contacting someone with a new design every other day, maybe it's time to lay off. Sometimes it's hard for nice designers to say no but at that point all theyre doing is labor. Work. I personally design for fun as a hobby and stress RELIEFE. If I am constantly trying to design something up to expectation for all of the people who ask, I become overwhelmed stressed and find myself feeling like a disappointment to my viewers. This is why I will no longer be taking requests here at Halcyon until further notice (probably not forever). Originally this site was meant to be a place where I post MY art WHEN I make it. Not a place where I planned to try and make everyone else satisfied. Sometimes that means posting content that others don't like or even not making content that the majority likes but that's just part of what this collective is. It's me personified in my artwork and that's just something people can choose to except or not. I never like disappointing my viewers much less making them feel left out or like I don't have a little bit of something for everyone, however at the end of the day, Halcyon is for me. This is where I come to express myself after i've had a long day. Sometimes getting lost in front of photoshop is what we need. Please have pity on us and go easy on that contact button. If we don't respond after you've emailed us 15 times it's because quite frankly we are tired of being harrased or we are just busy with out lives (I have a family, a full time job, and am working on going to nursing school full time).

If you can't seem to find content the way you like it, take up graphic design! There's plenty of resources online to learn. Learn to code and open up a website, or even just a deviant art account with your icons or wallpapers. I will always encourage personal growth and contributions to graphic design. The internet is one big art box and it only gets better the more people contribute! If you don't see what you want, be proactive! MAKE IT! Chances are that if you're missing something you want, somebody else is missing it too - so be that resource!
In the last month I have been email harrassed (2 if not more sent in a day for days on end), shamed on the chatbox and other blogs, and even called evil for not making a set of icons that have been requested. So this is why the chatbox has been removed until fruther notice. The contact form will still be available for other purposes beyond requests.